Virtual Events

We digitize your event.

Implement events digitally

We see virtual events as an opportunity: online, you can scale audience numbers much more easily and cost-effectively.
During the pandemic, we specialized specialized on smooth virtualization of conferences, award ceremonies, meetings, product launches and more. This allows you to maintain and promote contact with your stakeholders despite current limitations.

Virtuelles Corporate Event
Virtuelles Event

Technichal implementation

We work with state of the art equipment, which we use customized to your needs. With our powerful media servers, remote high-definition 360° cameras, digital broadcast mixers and more, no wish is left unfulfilled.

For interactive events, we use VMix-Call, WebEx, Teams or any other digital platform of your choice. Upon request, we generate a multilingual live stream and include sign language interpreters. In addition, extensions such as get-togethers, polls and secret ballots can be realized.

Service & Privacy

Upon request, we will create a landing page in your corporate design with your desired URL for the planned event. We can easily integrate database-based participant management systems. A DSGVO-compliant and discreet handling of all collected data is essential for us.

Virtual Event