Major Events

for the love of technology

Size matters

Public and cultural life is significantly shaped and molded by major events. And regardless of whether it is a concert, a trade fair or a sporting event, the success of the event and the safety of all guests is particularly dependent on one thing: Whether the stages, infrastructure, lighting equipment, and PA/sound are professionally installed and maintained according to all specifications. LAV is your reliable technical service provider in this respect.

Franziska Giffey bei der Verleihung für das DFB Pokalfinale des DFB 2022
Olympiastadion Berlin


As passionate athletes, we at LAV are particularly pleased when we can offer technical support for events in Berlin and Germany in the sports sector. Most of the time, event technology is successful there exactly when you hardly notice it as a guest.


From choir concerts to techno parties: dozens of fully organized and equipped live concerts have not only awakened a passion for organization in us, but have also developed a routine and flexibility from which you, as the person responsible for cultural events, can only benefit.

Even in the open air, we can easily provide sound for tens of thousands of dancing guests without sacrificing sound quality. What works outside is all the better in the concert hall. Whether for musicals, dance performances or symphonic concerts: We are the only technical service provider you need.

Summer concert

Municipal events

For public events of cities etc. we gladly provide the technical framework and take care of the stage technology in Berlin and throughout Germany.

We have years of experience, especially in complying with legal requirements and communicating transparently with the city and all other stakeholders involved, which we pass on directly to you. You would like to broadcast program points of your event live? No problem – in our warehouse there is a fully equipped streaming setup including trained staff ready to do just that.